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Cakes made by CDAWA members are available at the following locations:

Christmas 2018

Albany Branch:  6th November, Outside IGA Spencer Park. 7 am to 4 pm. Part proceeds of the raffle go towards Make a Wish Foundation!

Darling Range Branch:  13th to 15th December 2018: Armadale Shopping Centre.  Following week at Maddington Shopping centre.

Mandurah Branch:  20th December: Meadow Spring Shopping Centre.

Northshore Branch: 6th to 8th December, Whitfords Shopping Centre.

Perth Branch:
10th-15th December 2018.
Kingsway Shopping Centre,
Cnr Wanneroo Road and Hepburn Avenue,
Madeley. Proceeds of the raffle go towards Cancer Council!

Swan Districts

Kalamunda Central Shopping Centre 9 am – 3 pm:

Thursday 6 December
Friday 7 December
Saturday 8 December
And at Centrepoint Shopping Centre Midland 9am -3pm:
Thursday 13 December
Friday 14 December
Saturday 15 December