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Can i buy viagra online with a prescription - Discount generic viagra india

2019 Events:

FEBRUARY 9TH: 1.30PM: Meeting & Demonstration by Ann-Marie-Dipping.

MARCH 9TH: 9AM In-house Workshop: Stringwork using Lapid Royal Icing with Jessica.

APRIL 13TH: 1.30PM: Demonstration-Tba

MAY 11TH: 9AM: In-house Workshop:Albany Show Specimen Flower(Anthurium Lily)

JUNE 8TH: 1.30PM: Demonstration: Ann-Marie:Tba

JULY 13TH: 9AM: State Workshop(unfunded): Tba-possible 35th Anniversary Open day. Shared Lunch

AUGUST 10TH: 1.30PM: Demonstration: Tba

SEPTEMBER 14TH: 9.00AM: State Workshop(funded) with Robert Harwood. Workshop based on Robert’s 2019 National Seminar Demonstration piece. Shared lunch.

OCTOBER 12TH: 1.30PM: Meeting and Demonstration-Tba.

NOVEMBER 8-9TH: Albany Agricultural Show and Cake Decorating Competition.

NOVEMBER 15TH: 1.30PM: Meeting including Albany Agricultural show debrief.

DECEMBER 5TH: Christmas Cake Stall. Venue: Outside IGA Spencer Park.

DECEMBER 7TH: Christmas Luncheon, Venue TBA.

Contact either  Wendy  E: or Kerrie  for further information.

Please note: For In-House workshops bring your own lunch, for regular workshops bring a plate to share for lunch.