New members only CDAWA facebook group

The members of the Cake Decorators’ Association of WA have a such a massive wealth of knowledge and experience that it seems a shame to limit ourselves to sharing it only when we are at meetings and events.

We are a grassroots organisation and as our charter states: our aim is “To foster and improve the art of Cake Decorating by providing opportunities for the interchange of ideas and skills”.

The aim of the private group is to provide a local WA platform where all members, especially beginners, can ask more experienced members for advice and to provide a place for all members to share their work, ask for critiques and ultimately further our skills as a group. There are plans to have an occasional post where members can share work they are happy to have featured in the Icing News, this website or on the public Facebook page.  We also welcome your feedback.

The closed Facebook members group is still in its infancy but is a safe, albeit cakey, place for CDAWA members to share, learn, grow, and of course to chat, plus show off your incredible work and to have fun! Because after all,  cakes and cake decorating is all about celebration.
In the coming months, Rita, our State Secretary, will send an invite to all financial members that we have a current email for. Please contact her if you are a current financial member who would like to be added to the group but you have not provided your current email address as yet.

Contact us by email:
Rita Di Donato
CDAWA State Secretary

Or contact us by direct message on the public facebook page.

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